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One of the ways I love to help my clients is by offering educational resources.

This page is dedicated to helping you enjoy the best pregnancy and birth possible! You'll find videos on pregnancy and birth, as well as cooking shows to help you stay healthy and eat delicious food throughout your pregnancy.


I've been a doula and doula trainer for many years, supporting hundreds of women through their birth experiences. You can check out the following two videos for a sense of my philosophy, model of care, and what a few of my clients thought of my support during their births.


Melissa Chappell's DONA Doula Certification Course prepares attendees to become skilled labor and birth doulas in a professional atmosphere. See for more information and to sign up.

Testimonals from moms and dads about Melissa and her doula expertise.


I created a video for you on blood pressure so you can learn more about why it matters during your pregnancy and how to understand what it all means.



Here's a fun video of a recipe that I often share with my midwifery clients as a way to get more iron into their diets.



Here are some other cooking videos that feature recipes that are very good for pregnant women.

I eat this nutritious cereal almost every morning. It keeps me feeling full and energized throughout the day. Did I mention, it is absolutely delicious?!
This lime smoothie features collard greens for nutrition and color, yet tastes like sunshine with its bright flavors of mango and lime!

Baby bok choy and purple cabbage braised in broth make for a very comforting and healthy meal. Add it to rice or another grain and proteins for a delicious complete meal!

Melissa is joined by Isabel, a nutritionist, to make Fresh Apple Crisp.


Artist Annie Blake joins Melissa in the kitchen to make Sweet Potato Coconut Curry.

Carol Tuttle, creator of, joins Melissa in the kitchen again, this time to help make a Raspberry Basil Smoothie.


Melissa's friend Cody, who co-owns a gym with her husband, joins Melissa in the kitchen a second time and learns how to make Garlic Sautéed Green Chard.

Melissa's friend Codi, who co-owns a gym with her husband, helps Melissa make Cabbage Salad Cutting Boards:


Melissa's friend and former student, Sara, helps Melissa make Any Vegetable Marinade.

Chris, of whole food supplement company BNatrl, joins Melissa to learn how to make Roasted Beets.


Melissa's friend and photographer, Jefra, visits the cooking show to help make No-Bake Cookies.



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Learning to truly ‘see’ women in labor and birth is an art form. It involves observing, not just the clinical signs, but the emotional signs. Body language, the noises she makes, how she reacts to different people, the language she uses, what she asks you for, and the food she craves are just a few of the hundreds of ways in which you can learn to meet the needs of women in labor.
— Melissa Chappell